Volume 8, Number 3 June/July, 2013



July 1, 2013

On The Cover
      The June/July 2013 cover photo
is by Jessy Stanavage. See
page 16 for more information on the
photo contest.

From the Editor:
Getting Down to Earth 6
Readers’ Letters 8
Backyard Poultry Family Album: 16
SPPA News:
A Meet for Rare Breeds 18
Coming Events 20
Helpful Hints:
Using PVC Pipe for Feeders 22
How To:
Get Started with Turkey Poults 26
An Introduction to Pigeons 32
The Answer Man 36
Pairing Garlic and Poultry 40
Tools of the Trade:
Incubators, Part 1 44
From Our Advertisers:
Claws, Paws and Horses 50
Breed Focus:
ColorVersusType 52
Poultry Royalty of Spain 54
Coucou de Rennes 58
About Geese: A 3-part series: Part 3: Light and Ornamental Geese 62
Just for Fun:
Mickey: An Old Goose Story 68
Book Review:
The Magnificent Chicken 69
Chickens: The Natural and Unnatural Histories 70
Ice Cream! 72
A Love of the Hobby:
From War to Wyandottes 76
Gertrude McCluck: Chicken in Charge 82
Backyard Poultry Breeders Directory 84
Backyard Poultry Classifieds 87