Chicken Tin Roof

Chicken On A Hot Tin Roof

 – July 22, 2014

  Why yes, that is a “Chicken on a Hot Tin Roof.” Marilyn is our resident Easter “bunny.” Not only does she lay beautiful green eggs, she never wants to lay them…


Don’t Let Good Basil Go Bad

 – July 21, 2014

Do you see the top of the basil, where tiny leaves are bunching up? Click on the picture to expand it. There you go. They look scrunchy and spiky. Yep,…

Jalapeños, Or A Peanut In The Garden

 – July 21, 2014

I don’t know if anyone else has had the same trouble I have this year, but I could not locate jalapeño pepper plants anywhere. None of my usual garden shops…


What To Expect At A Poultry Swap And Sale

 – July 21, 2014

Recently, I attended my first poultry swap and sale held at a local farm store parking lot. We went first thing in the morning, and all the way there, I…


My First Poultry Show: The Top 10 Things I Learned, Liked or Found Surprising

 – July 16, 2014

  Anticipation can be a dangerous thing — it can give one expectations that are unreasonable and nearly impossible to fulfill. Last fall, I attended my first poultry show full…


4-H Club: It Will Teach Your Kid More Than Just Showing Chickens

 – July 16, 2014

What do Johnny Cash, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Orville Redenbacher all have in common? They were all members of 4H in their youth. For more than 100 years, 4-H is…


What To Do When Roosters Rumble

 – July 16, 2014

I have two roosters who have been raised together since they were chicks. I had been feeling very sassy about how well they got along, even going so far to…


An Herbal Drawing Salve For Yourself And Your Animals

 – July 16, 2014

I have been taking a class from the


You Can Build A Coop Out Of Almost Anything

 – July 16, 2014

When we first started out with chickens, we did not want to spend much money on a coop, mainly because we wanted to make sure chickens were for us. We…


Chicken Humor: Just In Time For Soccer World Cup Finals

 – July 16, 2014

Did you know there are several instances of chickens being proven soccer players? Here are a few of our favorites: This One Is Silly, But Funny … Someone Wrote A…


Broody In The Summer: The Egg Game We Didn’t Win

 – July 16, 2014

Chilling with her fans I’m done playing the egg game. A month ago, Foie Gras went broody. I knew hot weather was on the way and I’d seen chickens sit…


Trauma And Electrolytes

 – July 16, 2014

  When chickens are traumatized, they can actually die from the stress. Trauma alters the body chemistry, not just in poultry but in humans. It is so very important to…


Recipe: 30 Minutes To Fresh Mozzarella

 – July 16, 2014

“This book is dangerous,” I wrote on Facebook. “It’s giving me all kinds of ideas.” I was about halfway through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and I had already…


Herbal Fly Repellant Mason Jars

 – July 16, 2014

Flies are the bane of not only every backyard chicken keeper but anyone who has ever tried to have an outdoor picnic, barbeque or birthday party. I hate using chemical…


What Age Can Baby Chicks Start Eating Table Scraps?

 – July 8, 2014

When raising chicks, the questions about how to raise them can seem endless. I am always researching topics and trying to find new ideas when it comes to managing my…

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