Chicken Humor: Get Out And Play!

 – September 1, 2014

This comes to us from Butch and Brita Jones. It reminded us to step away from our computers and to get out and play! (Even though we’re adults and playing…


When Is The First Frost?

 – September 1, 2014

It’s something we always ask each other this time of year, as Labor Day rolls around and temperatures start to cool. So, when is the first frost? It affects when…


Celebrating a Livestock Guardian's First Birthday

By Alexandra Douglas
Stellar Game Birds, Poultry, Waterfowl

 – August 28, 2014

Every farm needs some fun and why not have a birthday party when you can? We got Captain Murphy a year ago when he was 6 weeks old. He is…


Everything You Need To Know About Garlic

 – August 27, 2014

Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic receives mention in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. Many cultures developed their own varieties,…

Care Center Uses Chickens To Help Those Suffering From Dementia

Jen Pitino, The Urban Chicken Podcast

 – August 26, 2014

It is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, and every 67 seconds, another American develops this disease. Alzheimer’s. More than 5 million American today are living with…


Do You Have A Plan For When Disaster Strikes The Farm?

 – August 25, 2014

Sun Through The Thick Smoke Mid-Day Our recent fires in the state of Washington have been a lesson in preparation. The fires swooped in so fast that there was little…


An Introduction To Raising Meat Chickens

 – August 21, 2014

Any chicken can be considered a source of meat; however, there are breeds that are recommended for their rate of growth and weight gain ability, as well as quality of…

TC (Tiny Chicken) Blue Bantam Cochin

Our Experience With A Red Fox Predator

 – August 20, 2014

We’ve been aware of the presence of a family of red foxes in the woods next to our home. They have lived there long before I acquired my flock. We saw…

I saw this hen and her babies while on a morning run near a little village. What breed is this hen? African chickens are all free-range that's for sure!

African Village Chickens: Free Range For Sure

 – August 19, 2014

On a recent trip to Zimbabwe to study holistic management, I visited the Hwange Communal Lands near Victoria Falls. Among the community gardens, the oxen pulling carts, the women carrying water…


Breed Profile: The Rare And Unusual Blue Breda Fowl

 – August 13, 2014

The blue breda was actually popular in this country until after the Civil War era, when other faster growing production breeds became popular at the turn of the century, causing…


A Plague In My Garden Feeds My Flock

 – August 12, 2014

So … the Jalapenos that Peanut “helped” me plant never came up. I know, big surprise, right? As it turns out it wouldn’t have mattered, the tomatoes that I planted…


Keys To Successful Container Gardening

 – August 12, 2014

How often have you strolled through a farmer’s market or eyed a friend’s fresh produce and wished you had your own garden? Perhaps you lack space. Perhaps you live in…


A Brief Reference Guide For Dried Herbs

 – August 11, 2014

Herbs have so many benefits for chickens. During spring and summer, fresh herbs are easy to grow or find, but during the winter chickens still need the added immune boosting…

first time layer byp

How I Helped A First Time Layer

 – August 7, 2014

I spend a lot of time with my chickens. If my family can’t find me, they know that I’m usually sitting in a chair next to the chickens’ run just hanging…

poultry judging Pat Malone APA

A Day At The Fair

 – August 6, 2014

You always know when you’re close to a poultry show. For one, you hear the clucking. For another, the 4-H shirts. This morning, I went down to the Boulder County…

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