Backyard Chicken Coop

Homeowners who want to keep a few chickens as pets in their backyard to get daily fresh eggs, will love the useful information you get from Backyard Poultry Mag, which is dedicated to helping everyone get the best out of their poultry, no matter what scale. With a little space and knowledge you can keep more than a few chickens for the pot, and others to lay eggs for you that are completely organic if you feed them right. In addition to this, you can use the manure to keep your vegetable patch thriving, and save a lot of money by having fresh produce during the summer months. Your backyard chicken coop is easy to build with a few low cost materials from your local hardware store, and following some useful plans we have in our past magazine issues.

We invite people who want to build a backyard chicken coop to keep chickens and homesteaders who want to turn their small holdings into a mini farm, a fabulous read when you subscribe to our magazine, which readers say is worth every dollar they pay for it. You will get information on everything you need to know about chickens from the dozens of different breeds, about keeping them healthy, hatching chicks, and getting the best egg production from them, as a few examples. Homesteaders can also browse our bookstore to find fabulous books at great value for money on almost every type of livestock, including some books on chickens. Have fun when you build a backyard chicken coop, and if you have children they will love helping you take care of the chickens and watching them grow.

Many owners of a backyard chicken coop start with the idea of keeping chickens for eggs, or fattening them up for the pot, but as time goes on, it is easy to become attached to your chickens. With this in mind, you should have the information on what is best for their feeding which should include greens, and quality ‘layers meal’ if you want to get fresh eggs every day from them. Your backyard chicken coop does not have to be huge, but at least with enough room to let your chickens get some exercise. If you want to breed the chickens you have on a small holding, then it is common sense to have a rooster for your hens, with so many hens per bird as well.

Grab our special discount coupons on this website, and consider following the steps to subscribe to our fabulous backyard Poultry magazine. The most difficult thing for owners of a backyard chicken coop is finding information regarding the best ways to keep your chickens free from diseases. We cover all these topics, and after you have subscribed to future magazines, have a look though the back issues to see some of the information you will find in them. If you are an enthusiast then you will find some of these issues well worth investing, and for your convenience you can order them at great value for money directly off this website.

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