Shoe Covers For Better Biosecurity Around The Coop

 – April 22, 2014

  Spring is finally here, I think. I am not going to say that too loud, or Jack Frost might return to blast us yet again. However, the flock swaps, coop…


The Beginner’s Guide to Guinea Fowl

 – April 21, 2014

I’m a newbie homesteader. A very newbie homesteader. I won’t say we bought a farm on a whim, but … we bought a farm on a whim. To be fair,…


Using Food Dye to Make Colored Easter Eggs

 – April 18, 2014

As I grew up, we always bought our white eggs from the store and used a PAAS Easter egg kit to make beautiful Easter creations. It’s not that my mom…

Healthy Chickens Quiz: The Answers

 – April 16, 2014

Welcome back, Winners! (If you read our Healthy Chickens Bulletin, you’ll get this joke). Here are the answers:  Easy Round: C) Because they are evidence of a bit of excess…

10 Ways to Stop Your Chickens From Egg Eating

Most of us who are in the business of raising backyard poultry are doing it for the eggs. Am I right?   There really is nothing like a fresh egg….

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