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It is becoming popular for many people with adequate sized backyards to grow their own organic vegetables, and even to rear small livestock and chickens where neighborhood laws permit. Almost anyone can have a small chicken coop in their backyard to produce sufficient eggs for the family, and to get the best out of your birds, there are some stunning chicken books packed with useful information on how to do so. If you have a look in our bookstore, you will also find other books besides chicken books, like those for rearing of everything from rabbits to sheep, Guinea fowl to cattle, a must for every owner of a small holding who enjoys homesteading. If you love poultry farming then you will find a subscription to the Backyard Poultry Magazine a superb investment.

We have useful information in our poultry magazine that you will find in many chicken books, so have a look through the back issues and get them all mailed to you at amazing value for money. Click on the covers to see a list of topics covered in that particular magazine, or arrange to have all back issues sent to you. With our magazine and editions of chicken books in our bookstore, you will know everything you want to get the best out of any breeds of chickens. You can also learn more about perma-culture that gets your soil rich from using chicken manure for fertilizing for successful produce. Other chicken books tell you about keeping a few chickens in the city to get fresh eggs on a daily basis, and step-by-step guides on how to raise healthy poultry from chicks even for the pot.

Whatever reason you raise chickens, whether for eggs or for meat or even as pets, it is a low cost and lucrative business, as well as a fun one of getting organic reared foods. Our chicken books will show you how to raise chicks into healthy, full grown chickens by giving them the right feeds and medications. Free range chicken eggs are also extremely popular rather that those that are reared on grain, or fish meal, which can affect the taste of the eggs and chicken meat. Invest in all the suitable chicken books and other livestock books featured in our bookstore, all great value for money and available to order online.

Click on any chicken book to get a summary of the contents and when you are satisfied, you can register an account and add them to your shopping cart. Chicken enthusiasts are also invited to subscribe to our popular Backyard Poultry Mag. We offer subscribers advertising options to reach our vast readership which also includes customers from around the world. Subscribe online to save money, and enjoy a feature-filled magazine mailed to your specified address. Add our chicken books and you will know everything you want to successfully rear any type of chickens, whether they are for eggs for your own use, feathers, or for organic, healthy chicken meat.


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