Chicken Raising


Millions of homeowners all over the United States enjoy chicken raising on a small scale in a homemade chicken coop, and with the right knowledge you can enjoy fresh eggs every day, or fattening up your chickens for the pot for special occasions. The best way to find that information is by getting it from the experts, and in this case, you will not beat backyard Poultry Magazine. We make chicken raising easy, whether you do it on a larger scale on a small holding, or in a small back garden coop to keep a couple of chickens to get fresh, organic eggs every day. Chickens are also useful in the manure they produce, and there are some excellent books in our online store on how you can use their manure for a successful veggie patch.

For successful chicken raising you should know what the best feeds are, how to keep them vaccinated against diseases, and how to make them successful egg producers. We cover numerous topics on chicken raising, which include past issues where we have provided some smart plans for compact chicken coops, which can be built for a few dollars in your backyard. You will also find advertisers where you can buy fully grown birds or chicks, and when you do, we give you the right knowledge step-by-step on rearing them successfully. Chicken raising is easy when you get regular tips and guides and the secrets to raising chickens on a regular basis, all from our Backyard Poultry Magazine.

If you want to get an idea of what you get when you take out a subscription to our magazines, you will see the entire collections of past feature-packed issues on our website. Click on the covers to see some topics covered, and if you are beginner you may find buying a few a great investment to get you started. Chicken raising does come with problems, but these can be overcome when you know how, and this is where expert advice is the best. Backyard Poultry magazine is aimed at homeowners and small holdings where owners want to rear their own livestock, but even commercial chicken farmers will find the information valuable. Our bookstore also offers visitors almost every book you need for different livestock, from turkeys to sheep, rabbits, and of course, chicken raising books.

Subscribing to our Backyard Poultry Magazine can be done using the convenience of internet technology, and international subscribers are very welcome. It is important to make certain that your mailing address is accurate because this is where the magazine will be sent. Take out the most popular option of 18 issues at exceptional value for money, or go for a few issues to begin with. Later you can renew your subscription as desired. Browse through some great accessories we also stock like T-shirts, and after secure payment, they will be shipped to your door. Backyard Poultry Magazine will show you how to make your chicken raising successful, because as indicated, “healthy flocks rock!”

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