Chickens As Pets


Many people keep chickens as pets in a backyard coop, or even on small holdings and with so many different breeds of birds in up to 60 types, you can choose from small bantams to large Cornish chickens. Depending on what chickens as pets you want to keep, they can also be useful to produce fresh eggs daily, as well as manure to keep your vegetable patches flourishing. Backyard Poultry Mag will show you how to get the best out of chickens as pets, giving you information on health, housing, and much more, mailed in attractive issues to your specified address. Keeping chickens as pets can be fun, and you can do it on a small scale, because they do not really need a lot of space. Some breeds of chickens can also be quite tame, and even intelligent.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when you keep chickens as pets, and clean, dry coops are important to keep them in good health, with fresh water, and the best possible foods. If you want your pets to lay eggs, there are special feed meals that supplement their diets with the roughage need to make the shells for the eggs. Your chickens will also require their greens to keep healthy, and you can get guides on what is best for them in our Backyard Poultry Magazines. If you are new to keeping chickens, and consider keeping chickens as pets, then invest in the chicken books we have in our bookstore for the best information with some superb step-by-step guides on rearing chickens as pets or for food.

The Rhode Island Red chickens are great for pets and produce lovely eggs, while the Dorking chickens, and Cornish hens give you the best of both, with delicious, plump meat or eggs. Naturally, when you keep chickens as pets you may grow quite attached to them and their characteristics, so you will not only enjoy them for the eggs they produce, but perhaps also for their company. If you keep chickens solely as pets you can keep a rooster with them to wake you up every morning when it crows, and the eggs will be fertilized so you can later have some chicks as new additions to the family. You will want to keep your chickens as pets in the best of health, and useful information on how to do so will be found in current and past issues of Backyard Poultry Mag.

Follow simple steps to buy the books in our store with information you need on chicken farming, or keeping chickens as pets, and if you want the best of both worlds take out a low cost subscription to our magazine online. International customers are also welcome, but must be sure to include the correct mailing address accurately for mailing purposes. Backyard Poultry Mag offers you the best information on rearing any types of chickens, and if you click on back issues, you will get a good idea of what the contents feature. If you like, you can also get any of these issues at great value for money.

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