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Volume 10, Number 5
October/November 2015

On the Cover:

Special thanks to Reuben Roberts from Pulaski, Tennessee, for winning this issue’s photo contest and earning the cover shot.

Check out her photo and more reader submitted photos in the October/November 2015 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine.


Gynandromorphic Chickens

Gynandromorphic Chickens: Half-Male And Half-Female

Jen Pitino

Though an uncommon phenomenon, gynandromorphism in chickens is not an extremely rare condition. It is estimated the roughly one in every 10,000 domestic chickens is a gynandromorph. Learn more about gynandromorphic chickens: half-male And half-female.


Poultry Feed For Molting Season

Lisa Steele

Learn what to use for poultry feed for molting season.

A Healthy Chicken

Fungal Infections Found In Poultry

Brittany Thompson

Fungal infections found in poultry. Description, causes, and types of fungal infections found in poultry.

Goats And Chickens

Keeping Chickens And Dairy Goats

Gail Damerow

Gail Damerow gives the do’s and don’ts of keeping chickens and dairy goats.

Finding CoCo

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We’re hiding a few deals and specials. Can you find CoCo?

Family Album

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The best of the best submission from flocks around the world.

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