April 2015/May 2015
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Volume 10, Number 2
April/May 2015

On the Cover:

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Chicken Coop Tours Explode In Popularity

Christine Heinrichs, California

From A tlanta to S eattle, coop tours are a trend sweeping the country, writes Christine H einrichs. And event organizers around the country say their events are growing into much more than a just a coop tour, too.

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Coop Inspiration

Design by Cindy Waters & Family

A coop nice enough that you might just want to move in yourself.

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Can Chickens Make You Sick?

Don Schrider, West Virginia

Biosecurity is one of the most important things to maintain when managing a flock. Don Schrider explains how.

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The Brabançonne

Stuart Sutton, United Kingdom

Stuart Sutton shows off the namesake of the Belgian N ational Anthem.

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Spring Cleaning (And What To Cook When You’re Done)

Janice Cole, Minnesota

Janice Cole reminds us of all the fun to be had in that spring coop cleaning… not really. But it is important, she writes, and to make it so, includes some recipes for refreshing and tasty treats.

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Must-Have Poultry Books For Your Collection

Reviews by Wendy E.N. Thomas

From photography to memoirs to children’s to how-to genres, W endy Thomas and Gail Damerow review several different poultry books and explain why they should be on your shelves.


Gertrude McCluck

Cyndi Gernhart

Youth: Come along with Gertrude McCluck, Chicken In Charge for some adventure around her farmstead.

Forums Coordinator<br />
Backyard Poultry<br />
RON KEAN<br />
Extension Poultry Specialist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Poultry Talk

Ron Kean and Pam Freeman answer reader questions about their flocks.

How To Make A Brooder

William Morrow, Whitmore Farm

In just a few steps, you can build your own brooder to help raise your chicks.

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Building Your First Poultry Toolkit

By Jen Pitino

A simple list of what you should have around to care for your flock, and why.

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Poultry & Produce

Kenny Coogan, Florida

When it comes to the rules of gardens and chickens coexisting peacefully, K enny Coogan’s suggestions include adding decorations like chairs and benches, which also allow your birds to easily escape ground predators.

Finding CoCo

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Ready for your first eggs? There are a few things to know before that first egg comes.

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