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Volume 10, Number 3
June/July 2015

On the Cover:

Special thanks to Darlene Terry of Bristol, Maine, for her cover photo of her Golden Comet on the front of this issue.


Barbecue Coal

8 Best Hacks For Awesome Grilled Poultry

Janice Cole

Recipes: Tips for grilling poultry.


1 Poultry Flock = 2 Much Fun!

Lori Fontanes

Math actually can be for the birds. Sometimes getting one duckling can multiply into many ducklings.


The Chicken Keeper’s Problem Solver: 100 Common Problems Explored and Explained

Reviewed By Janice Cole

Book Review: The Chicken Keeper’s Problem Solver, 100 Common Problems Explored and Explained. Reviewed by Janice Cole. Whether you’re in your first year of raising chickens or fully experienced, most of us can relate to a host of problems discussed in this book.


Book Review: Backyard Poultry Medicine and Surgery, A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners

Reviewed By Gail Damerow

Book Review: Backyard Poultry Medicine And Surgery A Guide For Veterinary Practitioners, Reviewed by Gail Damerow. If your veterinarian is not up to speed on chickens and other poultry, you might recommend this book as an important addition to the clinic’s reference library. Twenty-two academicians and veterinarians contributed their expertise to the volume, which is organized into three parts.

The Duclair Duck originated in Normandy, France. Photos by Stuart Sutton.

The Duclair Duck

Stuart Sutton

Breed Conservation Around the World: The Duclair Duck, a relative of the Rouen Duck, its past is tragic and enigmatic.


Court’s In Session, How To Become a Licensed Poultry Judge

Kenny Coogan

Someone who has a love of poultry and an understanding of conditioning and presentation of the birds,” Jim Sallee says, would make a great poultry judge. Sallee, who earned his American Poultry Association (APA) General License in 1976 and his American Bantam Association (ABA) License in 1991, says he has judged, on average, 12 to 15 shows a year. “Wow,” he exclaimed after some calculations, “that would make a total of over 400.” He is the chairman of the Judges Licensing Committee for APA.

The Circle G Ranch & Feed Supply store in New Port Richey, Fla.

A Feed & Pet Supply Store Making It, The Wiley Way

Linda White-Francis

Inside The Circle G Ranch Feed & Pet Supply, Some Things Haven’t Changed. It is never lonely with poultry to keep everyone company.


Chicken Diseases and Your Backyard Chicken Flock

Jen Pitino

With the rapid and seemingly unstoppable spread of avian influenza across the United States in 2015, the containment and control of this disease is at the forefront of most North American flock owners’ minds lately. Though…

Breeds with a fifth toe need to have their extra
toe periodically trimmed. Using a pair of pet
toenail clippers or sharp human nail trimmers,
snip off no more than 
about 1/8 inch at a time.

A Guide To Chicken Trims Part II: Claws, Spurs & Beaks

Gail Damerow

Learn proper techniques and tips on claw trimming, beak trimming, and spur trimming on your chickens.


How To Feed Your Chickens For Free, Sort Of

Gene Krebs

Helpful Hint: Tips on how to cut cost of feeding your chickens.


How To Build A Poultry Water Stand

By William Morrow
Whitmore Farms

Helpful Hints: Learn how to make your own water stand for your poultry.

Extreme heat can affect the way your chickens eat and drink. Probiotics and
Prebiotics can help.

De-Stress Your Chickens With Prebiotics And Probiotics

Tiffany Towne
Nutrena Poultry Expert

Extreme heat can affect the way your chickens eat and drink. Probiotics and Prebiotics can help.

Jacob, the son of the author, helped with the construction.

Coop Inspiration 10/3: A Carport Coop

Jason Pugh

The Pugh Family turned their carport into a useful chicken coop. Do you have a fun story behind your chicken coop, or just some really cool design ideas? We’d love to share them with our readers. E-mail us at byp@tds.net with a few pictures and a story about your coop!


Healthy Poultry Feed: Satisfying Supplements

Lisa Steele

Baby chicks need to be fed chick feed so they grow up to be healthy laying hens, but like any living thing, the healthier the diet, the better chance at survival and the more your little arrivals will thrive. Especially if you choose not to feed them medicated feed, building a strong immune system in your chicks is of utmost importance. These natural supplements are an important part of a chick-feeding plan.

Forums Coordinator
Backyard Poultry
Extension Poultry Specialist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Poultry Talk 10/3

Pam Freeman & Ron Kean

You ask expert poultry questions, we give expert poultry answers. If you have health-related poultry questions, send them to us at Backyard Poultry, Attn: Answer Man, 145 Industrial Dr.,
Medford, WI 54451 or email to pjf@bypforums.com. All submissions will be included in our online forums and will also be considered for print publication. Please include your name and hometown with your questions, which should be as detailed as possible. Pictures help us answer questions, so please include those too!

Photos by Grace McCain

Why Life Is Better With Chickens

By Grace McCain

You can learn many life lessons when raising chickens.

Joshua and Emma pose with their backyard chickens.

Lessons From Poultry In A Cardboard Box

Ann Stewart

When the Stewart family started poultry chicks in a cardboard box, they never realized it would turn into an on-going life lesson for all.


Gertrude McCluck Chicken In Charge 10/3

Samantha Ingersoll

Follow the Chicken In Charge Gertrude McCluck as she goes on adventures and solves barnyard mysteries.


Four More Diseases That Specifically Threaten New Chicks

Jen Pitino

Chicken diseases that specifically threaten chicks.


Do You Have Something To Crow About? 10/3

Samantha Ingersoll

We want to hear from you. Send questions, comments, opinions, advice, coming events, etc. to: Backyard Poultry Editor, 145 Industrial Dr., Medford, WI 54451
or e-mail byp@tds.net.

Ryan Slabaugh, Editor

From Backyard Poultry Editor Ryan Slabaugh 10/3

Ryan Slabaugh, Editor

Last spring, I was watching a Little League game when I struck up a conversation with one of the dads on the team. He mentioned he had 14 chickens, lived in a nearby…


Hello, Aloha Chicken Breed

Photos by Sommer Prosser

Photos and info on the “Aloha” breed, an American version of Swedish Flower Hens.

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