October/November 2014
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Volume 9, Number 5
October/November, 2014

On the Cover:

A special thanks goes out to the October/November 2014 cover photographer, Jason Stevens of Utah. From page 30 of the Backyard Poultry magazine:

“Our daughter Kate spreading scratch to our very first flock of chickens. She was 7 when I took this photo. The coop was just recently finished. I was in the henhouse, she is in the run. The coop door framed her in nicely and I had to run to the house and get the camera! In the photo are Americaunas, Buff Orpingtons, a Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock and an Australorp. The coop was quite the project.”

october image

Egg Storage Review

Gail Damerow —From Helpful Hints

Gail Damerow reviews new options available to store your eggs, both in the fridge and on the counter…

october image

First, Safety

By Wendy E.N. Thomas — From Helpful Hints

Not sure how to keep predators out of the coop? We share a few ideas from veteran poultry owners…

october image

Behind The Ribbon

By Don Schrider — From Features

Poultry shows are fun, informative and full of interesting people. Here are a few more things to know before you go…

october image

Cast Iron Classics

By Janice Cole — From Recipes

The use of cast iron dates back more than 2,000 years and is coming back in style…

Poultry Talk (New!)

(*Available in Magazine and E-Edition only)

Ron Kean and Pam Freeman join forces to answer reader questions about all sorts of odd eggs, and take a look at avian leucosis.…

Loose As A Goose?

(*Available in Magazine and E-Edition only)

Learn where the idiom above came from and a lot more about using poultry waste for fertilizer…


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