December 2014/January 2015
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Volume 10, Number 1
February/March 2015

On the Cover:

A special thanks goes out to the February/March 2015 cover photographer.


February image

What’s Best In The Poultry Nest

By Ana M. Hotaling | Michigan —From Helpful Hints

What you line your nest box with can help, or hurt, the productivity of your flock…

February image

Tips for Helping Your Poultry Flock Through A Spring Feather Molt

By Jen Pitino | Idaho —Helpful Hints

How to care for your chickens when they start to molt…

February image

Respiratory Distress in Chickens

By Wendy E.N. Thomas | New Hampshire —Helpful Hints

It’s common and potentially deadly when it strikes your birds, but it can be prevented and cured with good care…

February image

The Flanders Goose Or Oie de Flamande

By Stuart Sutton | United Kingdom

Stuart Sutton explores the Flanders goose, known as one of the rarest breeds of geese in the world…

Love Of The Hobby

(*Available in Magazine and E-Edition only)

George Beyer was called into veterinary work, and reflects on a life with animals…

Do Chickens Need Toys?

(*Available in Magazine and E-Edition only)

Providing them opportunities to explore
and forage can make them healthier…

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