How To Build A Chicken Coop


The publication Backyard Poultry Mag is a bi-monthly magazine which was developed to offer valuable assistance and advice to backyard chicken keepers. The magazine is filled with useful information and news, and the sections featured in the bi-monthly magazine include rare and historic breeds, breeding, housing, health and nutrition and several other informative topics which enhance better raising of small scale poultry. The current issue of Backyard Poultry Mag features articles, such as how to vaccinate poultry chicks for Marek’s disease and why to choose traditional poultry breeds. The previous issues have included articles on designing a pasture shelter and how to build a chicken coop. With the article on how to build a chicken coop, we found that many of our regular readers used the information provided and set to work on building a solid chicken coop. Although a chicken coop is not a difficult structure to build, the fact is that with our step-by-step instructions on how to build a chicken coop, our readers were able to purchase the necessary materials beforehand and simply follow the easy guidelines which were included in the article.

The first phase of how to build a chicken coop is to construct the frame for the chicken coop, and the four wall panels of the coop are to be assembled on a flat surface initially. The wire which is used as an insert in the chicken coop frame is welded wire with one inch openings and this wire is attached to the wooden frame structure. The other instructions given in the how to build a chicken coop article include the type of roofing used for the chicken coop and the floor of the coop, which is made from twelve inch wire that is then attached to the bottom of the frame, and the wire is to serve as a guard against any predators which often raid the coop for eggs or chickens. Since this coop is free-standing, the chicken coop can be moved as needed and as such, the live in chickens can be given access to fresh grass. Although we have added a Plexiglass window to our chicken coop, this is a more decorative feature, but it also gives a clear view from the outside.

With our easy to follow guide on how to build a chicken coop, we have helped many city dwellers build a DIY chicken coop which is a neat and tidy and will not prove to be an eyesore for neighbors. Most of the materials which are used in the construction of the coop can be purchased secondhand, as many of the materials used may be sourced at building sites. To view the entire article on how to build a chicken coop, take a moment to browse the Backyard Poultry Mag website, www.backyardpoultrymag.com. Those who are keen to raise backyard chickens must remember to bookmark this site and we add informative articles, such as how to build a chicken coop, bi-monthly.


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