Volume 3 Number 6
December/January, 2008

On The Cover
      The December, 2008/January, 2009 cover photo winner is by Rosemary Stockwell, Louisiana. She says, “My family is delighted with Backyard Poultry, especially my 93-year-old mom who still has chickens. I love my flock and enjoy taking their pictures and having them around.

      ”Our rooster, Cisco, is from our White Crested Black Polish cock and an unknown hen. We have many purebred hens, but I do not know who the mother is. Cisco got very little of the cock’s traits, except the little tuft of hair behind his comb.” To learn how to enter your poultry-related photos in the photo contest, see page 48.

From the Editor:
The Future of the Fancy: Opportunities Abound for Youth to Join Poultry Programs 6
Letters to the Editor 8
SPPA News 16
Coming Events 18
The Homestead Flock:
Pets or Partners? 20
Helpful Hints:
Preparing Poultry for Winter 26
Dubbing to Prevent Frostbite 26
Just for Fun:
The Eggcentric Artist 30
The Cock’s Crow 32
The Answer Man 38
Poultry Saddles: The story behind the Hen Saver® hen apron 42
Holiday Fun:
Have Your Chickens Been Naughty or Nice?
Gift Ideas for Your Chickens
Backyard Poultry Photo Contest 48
Asils 50
Gertrude McCluck: Chicken in Charge 54
Showmanship: A Fun Thing To Do 56
The Chicken Tractor: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle 58
Profile of a Lot: A Surprisingly Special Place 60
The Great Chicken Show 62
The County Fair: Beginner’s Luck Hooks Youth, and the Rest is History 64
Backyard Poultry Breeders Directory 65



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