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Poultry Associations / Clubs / Organizations

Guinea Fowl Breeders Association (GBFA) — GFBA will encourage, support, and educate people as to the benefits in raising and keeping guinea fowl.

Guinea Fowl International Association — A nonprofit organization based in Texas, USA, providing support and information to those interested in the keeping and breeding of guinea fowl.

International Fowl Breeder’s Association (IFBA) — A rapidly growing poultry site that lists breeders and hatcheries near you! Visit the site to become a member and place your own ad!

Java Breeders of America Poultry Club — The Java chicken is one of the oldest American that is currently listed as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Membership is free.

Marans of America Club — US Marans Club Endorsed by Marans Club of France

Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities (SPPA) — Perpetuating & improving rare breeds of poultry, & gamebirds.

Poultry Farms

California Hatchery — California Hatchery offers day old ducklings and chicks for sale, with a small minimum order quantity! Pet ducks, pet chickens and feed for sale!

Chicken Scratch Poultry — We ship chicks, strarted bird & eggs Located in Southern Illinois. Marans, Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Welsummer, Ligh & Corination Sussex, Lavander Orp

Hilltop Farm — A small family farm offering fresh produce from our gardens and fresh eggs from free range chickens.

Stevens Poultry Farm — Breeder specializing in American & Oriental Gamefowl, and Game Birds.

Shook Poultry (NC) — Started Pullets, Baby Chicks, Poultry Supplies, Poultry & Livestock Feeds.

Summer Rose Farm and Hatchery (CO) — Mail order, farm and hacthery in Colorado.

Vega Farm (UT) — We have a few varieties of peafowl, chickens, ducks, geese, quail, and a few more pets around the farm. We are located in Coalville Utah, 17 miles away from Park City which has the greatest snow on earth!!!

Poultry Information / Forums / Blogs

All Pets and Animals — Poultry/ Pets Forums

BackYardChickens.com — Join over 11,000 friendly & knowledgeable chicken enthusiast in the largest and fastest growing chicken forum on the net. Get your chicken questions answered and share your experiences.

Backyard Egg — Providing Backyard Egg Lovers everywhere with simple and straightfoward information concerning their pets!

Broederey de WeydeGansch — We breed American buff and Tufted buff geese in The Netherlands.

Chicken Chatter Poultry Forum — We take pride in being the friendliest chicken forum on the Internet, for all the backyard flock owner info and more.

ChickenCrossing.org — An online community dedicated to keeping chickens in urban settings and small farms.

Chicken Smart — Fun Chicken Site, Lols, Information, sharing, coop and tractor plans

Children in the Corn — Raising heritage breed turkeys, ducks, chickens, rabbits and small children on a small homestead in Michigan.

Chicky Chatter — A place to learn and chat about chickens, and a place for people who own chickens can give suggestions on how to raise them.

Find A Serama — A website dedicated to the Breeders and Promotion of the Serama Bantam

Fowl Visions — Sharing the enjoyment of raising chickens

Guinea Fowl Message Board — The Guinea Fowl Message Board is for questions, comments and answers about raising guineas alone or with other feathered friends.

Hilltop Farm Forum — Anything and Everything Poultry, Small Animals, Livestock and more…

The ICYouSee Handy-Dandy Chicken Charts — Lots of information about the various breeds, including a separate page for backyard breeds.

Le Coop du Jour — It’s all about backyard chickens…well almost.

Life on a Colorado Farm — We are long-time farmers in Delta, a small town on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Metzer Farms Blog — A weekly blog on waterfowl from Metzer Farms covering nutrition, hatching, breeding, management, waterfowl research, news – useful topics for you and your waterfowl.

Onagadori — Discussion forums focussing on preservation and rebuilding of rare long tail fowl and long crowing fowl.

Ultimate Fowl Forum — Poultry, game birds, gardening, and more.

Poultry Websites

Chicken Revolution — Promoting the legalization of backyard chicken-keeping in cities around the country.

Chickens 101 — Learn all about raising chickens in your own backyard. Buy chickens, chicks, and supplies needed for raising chickens.

Chickens On Camera — All about your backyard farm and garden. Share pictures of your farm and participate in our forum

EggCartons.com — Discount Supplier of Egg Cartons & Poultry Supplies such as Incubators, Waterers, Feeders, Laying Nest, Gifts, Books & More! Free Catalog!

For The Love Of Chickens — Information and resources about the merits of keeping chickens as pets.

gbwf.org — Dedicated to the conservation and aviculture of the world’s galliformes

J.M. Hatchery — Specializing in Pastured Free Range Color Chicks, French Guinea Keets, Silkies and Muscovy Ducklings.

MacFarlane Pheasants — America’s Largest Pheasant Farm, Nationwide delivery guaranteed.

Metzer Farms Blog — A breeding farm and hatchery that specializes in waterfowl with over 25 different breeds. They hatch and ship every week of the year.

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm — Michigan breeder offering guineafowl, Java chickens, runner ducks and peafowl, raised with organic and natural methods.

Murray McMurray Hatchery — Poultry & Poultry Products. Baby chicks, turkey guineas, peafowl, poultry equipment, medications, hatching eggs

The Poultry Consultancy — The website has been designed to provide a platform for comprehensive poultry consultancy solutions to the poultry industry.

Purely Poultry — Great prices on 200 breeds of: chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, pheasants, ornamentals, chukars and quail.

Randall Burkey Poultry Supplies — Everything you could want or need for poultry. Fulll line of equipment and a huge selection of day old baby chicks.

Red Poultry — Incubation Software for Poultry and GameBirds

Stromberg’s Chicks & Game Birds — Complete line of chickens, ducks, geese, gamebirds, turkeys & poultry products

Zellwin Farms — Manufacturer of molded pulp egg cartons, now selling directly to the consumer with free shipping included!

Building / Tools / Equipment

Muck-Truck — Featuring 6 cu ft bucket with 550lbs carry capacity, the four wheel drive Muck-Truck is powered by a Honda 5.5hp engine. Four forward, reverse speeds.

Pro Tool Industries, Inc — Wood Cutting Tool/Machete is designed to trum, prune, chop, split, blaze trails, chop firewood, & more

Buildings / Coops / Shelters / Greenhouses

BlueprintFinder.com — Chicken coop and other building plans.

Building A Chicken Coop — A guide on how to build a chicken coop

Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach Tractor — A fresh, new, innovative approach to chicken tractors.

Clean Coops — Build your own coop with step by step instructions, how to raise your own backyard flock, poultry supplies and hatchery resources.

EZ Clean Coops — High Quality Chicken Coop Kits & Accessories from Leisure Woods, the leading pet structure manufacturer.

The Garden Coop — Offering a detailed plan for an elegant, easy-to-build backyard coop. Includes materials list, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, photos, and tips.

Farm Wholesale Greenhouses — Hobby greenhouse kits, covering & accessories. Grow your own food.

HenPals Chicken Nest Boxes — Handcrafted chicken nest boxes for sale. Shipped fully assembled. Made on the farm in Georgia, U.S.A.

Port-A-Hut — Portable steel shelters for livestock & other uses

The Suburban Barnyard — Home of the Super Chicken Tractor Plan. Bringing Sustainability Home to Roost.

Farm / Garden / Landscape

Country Home Products — Professional quality DR® brand power equipment – built especially for homeowners.

FarmetteLife — FarmetteLife is about country living, focusing on photography, gardening, fishing, raising a variety of animals and living as simply as possible.

Feed / Feeding

Countryside Organics — Certified Organic, Soy-Free Starter, Grower, Scratch and Broiler Feeds. Complete Nutrition, Organic Goodness, Good Stuff!

Modesto Milling — All organic poultry formulas are created using organic and OMRI certified ingredients.

Purina Mills — Purina Mills SunFresh® Recipe line of premium feeds provide poultry enthusiasts with an all-natural nutrition program for the life span of their chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

Fencing Supplies

KenCove Fencing Supplies: Predator protection at its best. Free fence guide and catalog.


The Holistic Horse — Home of all natural health care products for animals, poultry and people. WormGuard Plus Super Concentrate for animals and WormGuard Plus Broad Spectrum for poultry.

Long Creek Herbs — All natural nail fungus soak. All natural products, books, and pet products.

Verm-Xusa — Herbal Treatment of Intestinal parasites NO Withdrawal for Livestock/Eggs.


Small Farmer’s Journal — Practical horse farming serving brave family farmers visualizing local self reliance

Whizbang Books — Homestead Publishing Company offers books with down-to-earth inspiration and how-to information.

Preparedness / Self-reliance

EmPrep 26 — A reference/resource guide for self sufficiency and emergency preparedness.

Real Estate

United Country Real Estate — Country real estate for sale from coast to coast

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Aquaponic Gardening


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