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February 7, 2013

Many homeowners enjoy raising chickens on a small scale to enjoy fresh, organic eggs and even the meat, which is far healthier than chickens reared on commercial farms. You do not need a lot of space for raising chickens, and you can either keep them in a small cage or let them roam free and have adequate nesting areas made for them and for laying eggs. No doubt you have been looking for accurate information on poultry which is how you have discovered Backyard Poultry Mag. We have the best information written by professionals to help smallholdings and farms get the best out of any type of poultry, as well as the accurate information you can use for raising chickens successfully.

There are quite a number of different breeds of chickens, and some are more suitable for meat, while others great for laying eggs. If you plan on raising chickens then it is wise to invest in one of our books in our online library to enjoy it to the maximum. You will find information on poultry illnesses and how to treat them, what to feed them, the proper habitats they need to thrive, and how to breed them. Raising chickens can be fun, and after a while you may become quite attached to them when they become tame and used to you. It is also great knowing you will never run out of eggs because you get certain chickens breeds can lay eggs up to twice a day. We have issues showing you how to build a perfect chicken coop ready for raising chickens, and step-by-step instructions on how to keep your birds healthy and happy.

Backyard Poultry Mag is a magazine well worth subscribing to, and a few past issues featured articles available for your convenience to read, all written by experts in their field. Although the internet offers you some great information on raising chickens, much of it is inaccurate, and will put you on the wrong track. If you manage your own smallholding, you can become self-sufficient if you know how, and enjoy eating organic, healthy foods which you produce on your own. Poultry is great for meat and eggs, and other small livestock and vegetable farming can be everything you need to provide food. All of the information you want will be found in our magazine on all topics related to this, with raising chickens being used as one example here.

Have a look at the different subscriptions you get for our magazine, and if you like you can order back issues by selecting the different covers showing you the information within. Browse our website to read some information about raising chickens, which shows you what you can look forward to a magazine that offers you exceptional value for money, if you have a smallholding or want to raise poultry in your backyard. We know that after enjoying this regular publication you will renew your subscriptions for years to come.